I'm Clark the Frenchie and I'm here to tell you everything you need to know about your visit to Queenstown Public House in San Diego's Little Italy

The House Rules

Queenstown Public House is 100% dog-friendly on it's outside patio. You can sit on the front lawn  the back patio or if you're early enough you can find the perfect spot to doggy-watch on our front porch, but don't forget the house rules.

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pAwesome times at Queentown

Queenstown wants all dogs and their humans to have the best time and on occasion we have doggy events. Click below to find out about past, present and future dog events at Queenstown Public House.


Dog-Friendly San Diego

Did you know San Diego is ranked as one of the TOP 10 dog-friendly cities in the USA? It's because of all the dog-friendly spots and events we have around town. For more information about dog-friendly things to do in San Diego click below.

dog friendly san diego